Lost in the woods

June 23, 2013 / 9 ♥






This DIY floral crown make its debut in my blog! Can you believe this was made only an hour before these photos were taken? No floral crown should be made that day, but I figured why not create something so easy that can suffice my outfit. It perfectly matches my location too, which is a hidden forest in our little town. I felt like a "diwata" and that I owned the area, and whoever trespasses will be punished. Lol.

This green maxi skirt has been at the depths of my old closet back in Ilocos for a long time now. I remember I bought this almost 2 years ago when Cha and I were hooked to thrift shopping. I’ve been meaning to wear it for the longest time because honestly sometimes, I can’t figure out where to use it. I don’t think wearing it at the mall or when hanging out with friends is a practical idea. The material is too heavy and the skirt itself is too long for me.

Yellow, Violet and Green, who’d have thought?

I love androgyny

June 05, 2013 / 10 ♥

Hello, it’s been three months of silence! I sincerely miss documenting my outfits, and now that I don’t have classes and while I’m back here in the province for a short vacay, I’m grabbing all of the opportunity to make up for my loss in this blog.

photo DSC_0668_zps1dbe420b.jpg

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photo DSC_0750aaa_zps83ec253a.jpg

photo DSC_0677_zpsd172f6e3.jpg

photo DSC_1058_zpsf596e8cb.jpg

photo DSC_0885_zpse134f0a3.jpg

I noticed how my style has drastically evolved for the past 2 months! Lately I find myself dressing minimally (lesser prints, sometimes a Tshirt and short combo is enough), wanting to dress up like a boy (wearing caps and beanies), choosing comfy sneakers over heels.

photo DSC_1138_zpsccb93df6.jpg

Meet Melo. Fashion and Fun brought us together. I consider him as one of my guy best friends, though I think it’s a one-sided relationship. Lol jk. He constantly reminds me not to care or not to be too conscious about people most especially when they give us their weird stares. At the end of the day, we just tell each other that “we’re too overdressed for our town” haha

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One of my many classic fashion icons is THE Blair Waldorf. Apart from loving Leighton Meester herself (!!!!), I am so engrossed with Blair’s extremely sophisticated and lady-like outfits. Always ready to surmount the world with her blazers, ribbon headbands, dresses, capes and of course, her vivid stockings. Blair Waldorf is someone I cannot outgrow! Back in high school, I hoarded ribbon headbands in different shades and always wore them to school, curled my hair for no apparent reason because I envied her hair, bought colored stockings because she wore them a lot and even copied the style of one of her gowns for my senior prom! Haha Up to now, I still admire her with all my heart, I wish Gossip Girl never ended so soon!







I didn’t have an inspiration initially when I tried this outfit on. But when I glanced at the mirror, that’s the only time I realized that I was channeling my inner Blair Waldorf. Hence, I added the headband to suffice the Blair Waldorf look. Heehee.


Her outfit which I think is almost similar to mine. Ahhh I love her!

How about you? Who are your fashion icons? :)

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Run kid run

March 12, 2013 / 5 ♥

photo DSC_1073-horz_zps15e599d2.jpg

Oftentimes people would ask me, “What is your style?” Truth is, I don’t know how to put it together, but I think the closest I can come up with is spontaneous. I don’t adhere to any rules in fashion, I don’t stick to a single style, I wear what I think looks perfectly together and what makes me feel good about myself.

photo DSC_1062_zpsb4fc5917.jpg

Girls and boys are usually daunted to don outfits because they have immensely low self-esteem. We’ve all been in that long and awkward path in our lives. It’s just a matter of learning to love yourself and being surrounded with positive people who have faith in you.

 photo DSC_1058_zps4623cd6e.jpg

Don’t be discouraged, never listen to what others tell you, experiment, wear what makes you happy, conquer your fashion fears.

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Last Sunday, my food buddies and I went to try the newly opened and most coveted American restaurant in town, IHOP. I was anticipating for a loooong queue, but were extremely taken aback when we learned that we were the 173rd on the line and the people who were about to be seated was 75th! The girl informed us that we’d have to wait for 2-3 hours. We did not want to disappoint ourselves and swore we’d push through despite the lengthy line. Along with our famished selves (no food ingested for that day yet), we headed to 2nd’s to somewhat fulfill our hunger and ordered for appetizers. Despite the fact that it was only an “appetizer”, we already felt satiated. After 2nd’s, we went back immediately to IHOP to check our spot. Thank goodness, it was already down on its 168th. After what felt like 2-3 minutes, the girl called Fhia’s name, then we were already seated. Ahhh, it was one of the most rewarding feelings ever. Lol. 

photo DSC_0886_zpsded6b854.jpg

photo DSC_0885_zps397ead78.jpg

photo DSC_0884_zpsade0731f.jpg

photo DSC_0889_zpsa1783ddf.jpg

This burgundy velvet skater skirt from It’s All About Hue makes it debut in my blog. It’s so lovely, and the color is just so classy. Another closet staple here. Can be worn in the morning with a loose top and sneakers, and can be worn during the night with a sequined black top and heels! Ahhh. I want to collect them in all colors! This will be overused for sure.

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The thrill and anticipation of it

February 21, 2013 / 5 ♥

photo tumblr_inline_mikpu78eEB1qz4rgp_zps87f7fa36.jpg

All set for summer 2013 because of these perfect sunnies! Check out Cool Cats Manila for more.

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Soul meets soul on lovers’ lips

February 16, 2013 / 10 ♥

Hi I’m still in the adjusting phase of this entire Tumblr Create New post thing. It’s so tricky for me. Editing the image size and preview can’t be done anymore (Or can it?) Please enlighten me!

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photo DSC_0596_zps65d73bb6.jpg

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 photo DSC_0564_zps71e649eb.jpg

My Valentines 2013 outfit! Lol. I always make it a point to wear red every Vday and indulge in a luxurious dinner with girlfriends. This time of the year, Fhia, Tovy and I went to A Taste of L.A. for dinner. Their food and ambiance were superb, except maybe the fact that we were seated beside couples (all of the people beside us were lovers!) being sweet along with their heavy bouquet of flowers while savoring their food and acting as if they’re the only people in that place. Oh don’t get me wrong though, I loved being surrounded with couples. But deep inside it just makes me long for Edi even more because he’s so far and Vdays are usually not spent with him. Awww.

So how did you spend your Vday? Who did you spend it with? :)

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